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Working in Water (Tidal, Rivers, Canals & Lakes)

Experienced, Trained & Certified Teams

Be site safe with our; DEFRA 2 (swift water & flood first responders SFR) and Safety RYA 2 Speed Boat Handlers

Henderson Thomas Associates (HTA) have experienced and trained staff whose job entails accessing civil engineering structures from river and marine environments.

Inspections & Investigations

Contracted works include inspection and investigation of structures, this may require the installation of damming systems to allow water levels to be reduced for inspections, investigations and maintenance. These can also involve confined spaces procedures.

Water related projects are multi-discipled and need multi-skilled staff
requiring an array of equipment
HTA can provide the full service saving you time money and hassle

Scour Investigations

HTA working in water

Major contracts carried out have included coring investigations for Scour Assessment for Network Rail and Local Authorities.

HTA are also able to supply all relevant safety and rescue equipment necessary for working above water and we can supply an underwater inspection / Topographic (TOPO) services if so required for structures adjacent to rivers and coastal areas.

Get the complete Service

We cover everything required for 'Working on or Near Water' Projects

Your hiring Check List

Safety is paramount when working on or near water and best practice should always be adhered to, reducing risk and liability.

Therefore, before you consider contracting a company check they have the following:

  • 1. Pontoon Training – Incorrect set-up can result in danger to engineers life.
  • 2. Water Awareness Training (DEFRA) – To facilitate land based / wading safe rescue in an emergency.
  • 3. Safety Boat Handler (RYA Speed Boat Level 2) – Safe deep water rescue.
  • 4. Engineers First Aid (Level 2) Trained – Resuscitation skills are more likely to be required when water is involved.

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