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Ground Penetrating Radar 'GPR' Surveys

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Reduce the need for Intrusive Techniques

Merely owning a GPR unit is not enough; it is vital that the engineers on site have the training to read the data and interpret all the information available; digital and visual plus experience to provide definitive answers for the client.

It is also worth mentioning that not all GPR units are created equal plus a single GPR unit cannot be expected to fulfil all roles. Here at HTA we apply the Modern Approach to Concrete Investigations and Testing employing a perfect blend of the latest technology alongside our 30+ years of experience.

GPR Surveys can be used for the following

This list is not exhaustive, however it gives a good idea of the range of applications that GPR can be applied to.

GSSI Hilti Proceq GPR Units
  • Post Tensioned Special Inspections (PTSI)
  • Concrete Condition Surveys
  • High Alumina Cement (HAC) Investigations
  • Ascertain 'as built' Details
  • Alkali Silica Reaction Investigations
  • Services Location
  • Subsoil Investigation of Drainage / Basements
  • Detection of Reinforcement / Steel Section
  • Void Detection
  • Debondment of Screeds / Slabs
  • Thickness Detection of Walls / Slabs

Determining the Angels Share

Innovation leads the way.

We were asked to determine how much whisky was left in the barrels at a distillery.

These barrels could not be opened or subjected to too much movement, therefore we applied various GPR units to ascertain the fluid levels.

As you can see on the video using the Proceq GPR Live this approach worked well, we repeated this process for all barrels.

What is 'The Angels Share'

For those who are not aware, 'The Angels Share' is the loss of alcohol from evaporation during the ageing process. Depending on where and how long a whisky is aged will determine how much volume is lost.

Shell UK

Using GPR Surveys at St Fergus Gas Plant.

#1 Experts in GPR Selection & Surveys assisting Shell UK

HTA became involved in discussion with Shell UK regarding a potential problem, they had at a petrochemical plant at St Fergus Gas Plant, Aberdeenshire.

After trials of the Ground Penetrating Radar system on site, HTA was awarded a large scale investigation.  We were asked to detect voids beneath a very significant slab prior to the transportation of a 75 tonne crane onto the site, which could have toppled over had the slab failed due to voidage.

Since then, other oil companies have asked HTA to carry out similar trials to determine the successfulness of the system and further commissions were carried out.

Watch the GSSI GPR unit in action

In this video you can see our engineer scanning for rebar and marking them in chalk once the GPR has indicated where they are. This technique massively reduces the amount of exploratory drilling and breakouts that traditionally were employed.

Watch more videos of the HTA crew at work by clicking here

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