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Structural Investigations across Wales - HTA
Henderson Thomas Associates LTD accreditations and certifications
Henderson Thomas Associates LTD accreditations and certifications

Structural Investigations

Reduced asset damage via NDT

We reduce the intrusive works and structural damage of our clients’ assets by applying innovative NDT technology alongside the traditional investigative approach. Enabling the investigation of various construction types and materials while limiting structural vibration, site noise and dust.

Structural Investigations across Wales- HTA

Structural Investigation categories

1. Structural Construction

Discover not only the construction material but also the construction type, HTA offers a complete remit of works to provide you with all the data required to move forward with confidence.

  • Concrete Type
    Is it reinforced, pre-cast, post tensioned or steel encased?
  • Concrete Strength
    Determination carried out via NDT and compressive testing
  • Steel Reinforcement
    NDT to determine of bar depth and pattern including multiple layers
  • Steel Grade
    Determination of tensile strength via removal of samples
  • Metal Beams
    Determination of construction details by exposure
  • Metal Beam Weldability
    Chemical analysis determining carbon equivalent value
  • Metal Type & Grade
    By removal of samples and metallurgical testing
  • Cavity Wall Ties
    Determining presence and correct spacing
  • Masonry Construction Details
    Determination via NDT, exposure and coring
  • Masonry & Mortar Strength
    Determination via sampling and analysis
  • Paint Inspections
    Adhesion testing plus sampling for lead content and type analysis
  • Timber & Wood
    Visual assessment, grading plus dry and wet rot surveys

2 Condition of structural elements

Degradation, corrosion, non-compliant construction and change of use are the main causes of building problems and HTA offer a full remit of works to provide you with all the data required to move forward with confidence.

  • Reinforced Concrete
    NDT to determine extent & rate of corrosion of embedded reinforcement
  • HAC Concrete
    Detection and condition of High Alumina Cement elements
  • Post Tensioned Concrete
    NDT and sampling to determine post tension condition
  • Metal Elements
    Ultrasonic thickness technology for corrosion surveys
  • Welds
    Ultrasonic technology, MPI and DYE Penetration for inspection and testing
  • Cavity Wall Ties
    Determining embedment, condition and type
  • Masonry Condition
    Visual assessment to determine loss of brick facade and mortar beds
  • Paint Condition
    Visual assessment for debondment, cracking and failure
  • Timber & Wood
    Assessment for dry and wet rot surveys and insect attack

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